Why Use Adaptive Security Awareness?

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MediaPro’s Privacy and Security Awareness Solutions

MediaPro delivers the unique ability to use an adaptable training model for online courseware delivery.
The full awareness solution features an integrated set of: assessment and measurement tools, planning guides, award-winning awareness training, and reinforcement materials to help guide you toward a best-practice awareness solution.

The Adaptive Awareness Framework™

MediaPro’s Adaptive Awareness Framework provides a structure that you can use to grow employee knowledge, change employee behavior, and build a risk-aware culture. The adaptive framework provides an overall strategic process you can utilize to create, assess, measure, and improve a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness program.

A Trusted Advisor

Our training and reinforcement products are used and trusted by many of the most risk-conscious organizations in the world.
MediaPro has received over 100 awards for learning and communication excellence and was recently named as a leader in the
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Training Vendors.


Grow Knowledge | Change Behavior | Build a Risk-Aware Culture

Identify Risk & Measure Progress
Use our assessment tools to identify and analyze weak spots in employee knowledge and behavior via knowledge surveys and phishing simulations. Then create a training and reinforcement plan to deliver a learning and behavior-change process to target specific risks and threats. Follow-up and measure the results of your learning and communication activities to continuously improve the awareness process and deliver sustained results.
Assemble and Customize Content
If the object is learning, then you need adaptive learning objects. Our learning content is modular and highly flexible, allowing companies to “mix and match” content and reinforcement activities to meet their unique needs. Why settle for “canned” courses when we can assemble learning content from our Adaptive Awareness and Compliance Libraries that’s a perfect fit for you – in just a matter of minutes.
Training + Reinforcement = Behavior Change
Achieving and maintaining a risk-aware workplace requires relevant ongoing reinforcement activities to motivate and sustain the behavior changes needed to keep your organization safe and secure. Good training is an essential component of an awareness program, but it’s rarely sufficient on its own to bring about real behavior change. Using reinforcement, you’ll realize a positive and lasting ROI on your awareness and training investment.
The Adaptive Awareness Framework
A structure and process for continuous improvement.
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