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MediaPro’s industry-leading Adaptive Awareness Framework allows you to grow employee knowledge, change employee behavior, and build a risk-aware culture. The Framework is not a one-size-fits-all process that is to be followed in lock-step. Instead, it is a flexible and self-correcting model that encourages companies to analyze their risks, build a plan for improvement, and offer training and reinforcement.

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“The training we received initially was perfect, and the ongoing service as we started building courses was prompt and helpful. The team is great at suggesting solutions to our unique challenges.”
“The tools are easy to navigate and creating trainings and phishing emails takes less than an hour vs. building in-house or previous tools we used. We have received excellent feedback from our employees on the content and layout of the training.”
“Overall the platform was easy to use and provided a quick method to release standard security awareness training to our end users. The courseware was easy to set up and was flexible enough to add our company specific needs and context to the courseware all with a reasonable amount of effort.”

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