The Adaptive Awareness Company

Your risk landscape changes constantly. Your employee awareness program should too.

We help you plan and deliver an adaptive awareness program where you analyze your employees’ behavior, target unique training and reinforcement to employees based on their risk profile, and measure your progress along the way with simulated phishing and knowledge assessments.

We are The Adaptive Awareness Company, and our approach to security awareness training, privacy awareness training, and compliance training is adaptive, integrated, and proven.

Adaptive Integrated Proven

MediaPro’s approach is built around adapting to a changing threat landscape. Using flexible tools like our Adaptive Phishing Simulator and Adaptive Knowledge Assessments, we can continually assess the nature of your threats. Our Adaptive Security, Privacy, and Compliance Libraries of online training materials are the best in the market, providing unparalleled depth and quality of content as well as flexibility in construction.

Using our Course Builder tool, you can configure your security awareness training, privacy awareness training, or compliance training to meet your unique needs with unparalleled speed. This modular approach to e-Learning also allows you to apply the tenets of microlearning (short, bite-size learning content) to your awareness program. Our always-available training reinforcement libraries allow you to respond to emerging issues with engaging, targeted communications.

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Running an awareness program shouldn’t require that you master multiple tools from multiple vendors. That’s why we’ve built all our tools and services into a single, cloud-based solution: The Adaptive Awareness Portal.

From the Portal, you can analyze your employee-related risks, plan awareness programs, and deploy targeted training and reinforcement on an ongoing basis, all through an intuitive graphical dashboard. We’ll also work to integrate with your existing tools or systems.

Our goal is to put the ability to build effective, behavior-changing awareness programs at your fingertips.

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We’ve been identified as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for three straight years, and our courses have won more than 120 industry awards for learning excellence. We have successfully delivered training to millions of users.

But the proof that matters most to us? Our solution and expertise have been embraced by the world’s most risk-aware companies, from General Motors to General Electric, Microsoft to Mouser, and many, many more.

Companies large and small come back to MediaPro because everyone on our team is committed to our clients’ success.

See why the world’s most risk-aware organizations trust us with their awareness goals.

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