Why Partner With MediaPRO?

The MediaPRO Partner Program will allow you to leverage our nationally recognized suite of employee awareness products and services. We align with companies and organizations in the cybersecurity and privacy markets who are committed to helping their customers build a more risk-aware culture.

No data protection training initiative can be considered fully complete without addressing the human factor. Many federal, state, and business entities mandate data protection training as a key element in their compliance requirements and regulations.

Our products provide you an outstanding opportunity to revisit existing customers and propose a high-value, high-margin learning solution to help them meet these regulatory and business requirements. These products will also help you round out your current data protection and service offerings and can be a key differentiator in helping you position your company as a full and complete solution provider to your prospects and customers.

A Partner-Centric Philosophy

Driven by our partner-centric philosophy, we have removed the barriers often encountered in an unbalanced business partnership. Ease of interaction and rapid response are just two of the key metrics we use to measure partner satisfaction and pave the path to your success. Our team’s goal is to expedite the response time between MediaPRO, your organization, and your prospects to create a seamless communication link that sets new partner collaboration standards.

A Proven Solution

MediaPRO’s training and awareness products have won more than 100 national and international awards for learning and communication excellence. We also have an impressive list of well-known, high-profile customers that will give both your sales staff and your prospects confidence in our offerings. We look forward to working with you and helping you deliver a solution that meets your customers’ data protection awareness and training needs.

If you are interested in partnering with the leader in the data protection training and awareness market, please complete the form below to start the conversation.