MediaPRO has a new logo, new colors, new website, and a renewed focus toward our clients. Our clients are why we’re here, and why we’re successful.

But one thing has stayed the same: Our name. But what is a “MediaPRO,” anyway?

The Past

When we started 25 years ago, the employee training and education landscape was drastically different. In-office, instructor-led training was still the name of game.

As training providers, we needed to convey the professionalism and expertise of our training content in a saturated market. We needed to tell the world how “professional” the “media” we produced was.

Thus the name MediaPro was born. The name, though not exactly explanatory of the cybersecurity and privacy education content we grew to provide, has served us well. We’re proud that the name has become synonymous with behavior-changing education trusted by some of the most risk-conscious organizations in the world.

The Future

We’re honored at the trust the MediaPRO name has earned. We knew that as many other things about our brand went through a refresh, the name needed to stay the same.

But not without some tweaks. First, we needed to put our tagline to good use. If “MediaPro” did not convey what we did, our tagline needed to. “Cybersecurity and Privacy Education” says in three words exactly what we do and what we’re about.

For our name, we wanted to tell a different story. With a new logo conveying protection and safety, we realized the concept “MediaPro” could be realigned to convey “protection.” That is, the protection we offer our clients through first-class security and privacy awareness programs.

MediaPro has become MediaPRO. How can we help you?

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