Adaptive Awareness Framework

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MediaPro’s Adaptive Awareness Framework™

MediaPro’s industry-leading Adaptive Awareness Framework allows you to grow employee knowledge, change employee behavior, and build a risk-aware culture.

Our model is “Adaptive By Design”—meaning it’s designed to be flexible enough to allow organizations to integrate with existing tools, mature their programs as they are capable, and accommodate new tools as they become available.

Organizations deploy the Framework in our award-winning Adaptive Awareness Portal, a one-stop, SaaS tool that lets users plan, build, and deploy their awareness program from a single, graphical interface.

The Framework is not a one-size-fits-all process that is to be followed in lock-step. Instead, it is a flexible and self-correcting model that encourages companies to analyze their risks, build a plan for improvement, and offer training and reinforcement.

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Analyze Plan Train Reinforce

A critical first step in building a risk-aware culture is knowing where you are and where you want to go. You need to assess and analyze your critical employee risks and identify behaviors that need to change to reduce these risks. Why deploy an awareness program if you have no way of measuring whether or not it’s working?

MediaPro offers integrated Knowledge Assessment and Phishing Simulator tools to help you identify and analyze your behavioral risks. With these and other tools you may already have in place, you’ll develop a comprehensive picture of your employee-related risk landscape.

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A good awareness program plan provides you and your stakeholders with a roadmap for reducing risk. Using our Adaptive Planning Tool, you identify behavioral risks and pinpoint the desired improvements you’ll make with your awareness program.

A sound plan aligns your goals with the training, reinforcement, and ongoing analytics you’ll deploy to bring about behavior change.

With 20 years’ experience in adult education, and a proven planning process, MediaPro is ready to help you build and execute on your plan.

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Training is the foundation of any good awareness program: it communicates desired behaviors in clearly measurable terms that ensure compliance. To get training right, you’ve got to deliver engaging material to the right people, at the right time. That’s where MediaPro excels: training content that is entertaining, flexible, and capable of adapting to your ever-changing needs.

MediaPro’s unique Security, Privacy, and Compliance Libraries allow for the rapid assembly and deployment of awareness training content. With our proprietary Adaptive Architecture, you can easily assemble a course precisely targeted to your unique risk profiles. MediaPro’s role-based profiling methodology allows you to deliver unique training content to multiple job roles within a single course.

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Reinforcement is essential to behavior change. While training communicates the key principles of your program, it’s the way you reinforce your message that ensures your message sticks with your employees.

A reinforcement program that includes animations, games, posters, articles, and more ensures your core security, privacy, and/or compliance principles are embedded within your organizational culture. MediaPro’s library of reinforcement materials use a variety of communication methods and are aligned to support the key behavioral risks you’re trying to mitigate.

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Designed to Support the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Based on the proven principles and structure of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the Adaptive Awareness Framework encourages organizations to develop their awareness maturity through a process of continual improvement. The Adaptive Awareness Framework can likewise be used to reduce and mitigate the risks associated with the human element within an organization’s infrastructure.

The Framework provides a coherent model for organizations to analyze their current awareness activities and determine if their current practices are sufficient to meet their stated mission, regulatory requirements, and risk appetite. The Awareness Framework can be used to help you determine which awareness activities are most important, and which have the most impact, in helping assure a risk-aware workforce.


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