Adaptive Awareness Portal

Running a successful awareness program takes a lot of work—assembling the right training and reinforcement assets for each employee group, running phishing programs, assessing employee knowledge, and ultimately managing overall program delivery. It can turn into a full-time job—but it doesn’t have to. What if you could do it all from a single, web-based portal, with everything you needed to run your program right at your fingertips?

With MediaPro’s Adaptive Awareness Portal, you can.

The Content You Need—All in One Place

With MediaPro’s Awareness Portal, you’ll get direct access to all program components: training, reinforcement, phishing, program planning, knowledge assessments, and an LMS. From the Portal, you can build an awareness plan, select and assign training, download reinforcement materials, run phishing campaigns, and track overall program progress using a graphical dashboard.

The Portal offers a modular approach to e-Learning, and allows you to apply the tenets of microlearning (short, bite-size learning content) to your awareness program. Among the many features of the Awareness Portal that reflect this ability is the Course Builder tool, which allows organizations to assemble, brand, and configure courses of any size.

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  • Easy access with a single login to all services
  • Graphic Dashboard to view and assess key data points
  • Assign and manage all program components from one location
  • Views for stakeholders and administrators
  • Integration of multiple program components
  • Ease of administration reduces time spent managing programs
  • Data integration allows deep insights into employee performance and ROI

Tied to MediaPro’s Adaptive Awareness Framework™

For those running security and privacy awareness programs, the Adaptive Awareness Portal
provides all the tools you need to deliver a consistent and engaging message with
measurable results. MediaPro’s integrated set of awareness solutions are based on the four
components of our best-practice Adaptive Awareness Framework: