Adaptive Planning Tool

Planning a Comprehensive Employee Awareness Program Just Got Easier

MediaPro’s Adaptive Planning Tool lets you easily create a behavioral risk-based strategic awareness program plan that is comprehensive and tailored to any budget.  Built on 20 years of best practices, this tool allows security and privacy program administrators to quickly identify and configure an awareness program that suits their industry, their culture, and their risk profile.

How it Works

The Adaptive Planning Tool allows you to choose from a library of pre-built awareness plans based on your industry, desired maturity level, subject matter, or risk-based profile. Tailor any plan, or create your own, to meet your unique timeline and delivery requirements. You can also have different plans for diverse user profiles and roles (such as executives). All program plans are aligned with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Adaptive Planning Tool Deliverables:

-Visual program roadmaps with timelines

-A comprehensive list of awareness activities such as training, phishing, surveys, and reinforcement

-Summaries of specific behavioral risks addressed by each activity

-Program summaries for stakeholders and auditors

 Learn more about awareness program planning and how the Planning Tool can help with our recorded webinar Planning for Awareness Success:

MediaPro’s Tiered Approach

The Planning Tool offers four levels of program maturity, or Tiers, depicting how you can deploy an awareness program.  Learn more about the Tiers below:

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Tier 1: Basic Tier 2: Intermediate Tier 3: Comprehensive Tier 4: Adaptive
Tier 1:  Basic

The Tier 1 program is a good place to start if you’ve never had any kind of awareness program in the past, or if your organization or budget is fairly small and you don’t have the resources to commit to a more extensive program. This program includes:

-An annual survey to gauge employee knowledge

-Adoption of a pre-built program plan, based on a general identification of risks in your industry

-One online training course, distributed to all employees

-Two reinforcement resources such as videos, posters, or articles, as appropriate for your organization

Tier 2: Intermediate

The Tier 2 program is recommended for mid-sized organizations with moderate to high risk exposure who have the budget to bring their employee training initiative to the next level. This program includes:

-An annual survey to gauge employee knowledge

-A twice-yearly simulated email phishing campaign

-Yearly program planning that incorporates analytical inputs—including a formal risk assessment

-One online training course, with role-based selection to get the right content to all employees

-Quarterly reinforcement in multiple forms, including videos, posters, games, and articles

Tier 3: Comprehensive

The Tier 3 program is best for organizations with high risk exposure who want a first-class employee awareness program. This program includes:

-Twice-yearly knowledge assessments to evaluate employee knowledge and measure training effectiveness and quarterly simulated phishing campaigns

-Periodic risk-based planning to ensure that any emerging risks are accounted for

-Multiple training deployments, with role-based variants if available

-Multiple reinforcement methods, such as videos, posters, and games, deployed quarterly at minimum

Tier 4: Adaptive

A Tier 4 program includes all the core elements of a Tier 3 program, but is administered by companies who are committed to maximum flexibility and continuous improvement. Such a program is recommended for with high risk exposure who want a best-in-class employee training and awareness program.

A Tier 4 program identifies deliverables 3-6 months in advance, and includes content reviews on a quarterly basis to make adjustments in response to emerging threats and changes in employee performance.

Part of a Comprehensive Solution

The Adaptive Planning Tool is an exclusive component of MediaPro’s award-winning Adaptive Awareness Portal, a one-stop-shop for developing, building, and deploying high-performing employee awareness programs.

MediaPro’s integrated set of awareness solutions are based on the four components of our industry-leading Adaptive Awareness Framework, which allows you to analyze your unique employee-related risks, plan a program to address them, deploy targeted training, and reinforce these messages with supporting content.