Retail Cybersecurity and PCI Awareness

Cybersecurity and PCI Employee Awareness Programs for the Retail World

Long gone are the days when your retail organization only had to worry about physical shoplifters. In the digital age, your employees need to know how to thwart threats from the cyber world as well as the physical.

Retail organizations handle huge amounts of sensitive customer and card data, making them high-priority targets for cybercriminals. With this much at stake, relying solely on PCI compliance training puts your organization at risk. This means a well thought out and expertly sourced approach to employee education—including education on cybersecurity best practices and PCI DSS standards—is critical to your success.

That’s why MediaPro provides an industry-leading awareness program solution for retail organizations that blends PCI compliance training with educational content on cybersecurity best practices, all based on proven adult learning principles. With 20+ years in the adult learning industry, MediaPro is uniquely configured to help you deliver the right learning content to the right people so that you can build knowledge and change behavior.

What Makes MediaPro Different

-Frequently updated content to put you ahead of retail regulatory changes and trends

-Role-based options for all types of your employees

-Tiered awareness program plans designed for any retail budget

-20+ years in the adult learning business

-Full life cycle of e-Learning support, from planning help to course implementation and reinforcement resources

MediaPro’s Tiered Approach

At MediaPro, we make it easy for retail organizations like yours to purchase and deploy a full-fledged awareness program that’s right for you and your budget. Our selection of retail programs makes it easy for you to select an approach that’s right for your organization and get started right away. Learn more below:

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Tier 1: Basic Tier 2: Intermediate Tier 3: Comprehensive Tier 4: Adaptive
Tier 1: Basic

The Tier 1 program allows small businesses on a budget to quickly and painlessly put in place a proven education program that gets them in compliance and helps their employees understand how to protect the important information, including card data, that flows through your business. This program includes:

-An annual survey and results report designed to gauge your employees’ knowledge of data handling and cybersecurity best practices

-A pre-built training program plan, based on general risks in the retail industry

-One online training course focusing on cybersecurity basics and PCI card data

-Two engaging animated videos (or other reinforcement item) designed to cement the key concepts of the training

Tier 2: Intermediate

The Tier 2 program is recommended for businesses with moderate to high risk exposure who have the budget to bring their employee education initiative to the next level. This program includes:

-One-time employee knowledge assessment and phishing email simulation before and after training to help gauge effectiveness

-Yearly program planning incorporating data from the knowledge assessment and phishing simulation

-One online training course, with role-based selection to get the right content to all employees

-Quarterly reinforcement content deployment focused on the most important learning concepts

Tier 3: Comprehensive

The Tier 3 program is best for retail organizations with high risk exposure who want a first-class employee awareness program. This program includes:

-Quarterly phishing email simulations and twice-per-year knowledge assessments to evaluate employee knowledge and measure training effectiveness

-Risk-aligned program planning with periodic program reviews to maximize relevance and fit to newly discovered risks

-Multiple online training courses with added role-based selection to make sure employees receive only the most relevant training

-Multiple reinforcement deployments (quarterly at a minimum) using a variety of content types, including video, posters, articles, and more

Tier 4: Adaptive

Adaptive plans include all the components of a Tier 3 Comprehensive plan, but deployed strategically after quarterly program reviews that assess performance and help address to emerging risks.

The Adaptive program plan is recommended for retail organizations with high risk exposure who want a best-in-class employee training and awareness program. Such a program identifies deliverables 3-6 months in advance, and includes content reviews on a quarterly basis to make adjustments in response to emerging threats and changes in employee performance.

The Adaptive Awareness Framework

Each Tiered Program Plan follows our proven Adaptive Awareness Framework approach to adult e-Learning: Analyze, Plan, Train, and Reinforce. The Framework is not a one-size-fits-all process that is to be followed in lock-step. Instead, it is a flexible and self-correcting model that encourages retail organizations to analyze their risks, build a plan for improvement, and offer training and reinforcement tuned to their unique risks and training needs. All of MediaPro’s programs are aligned with major industry standards, including PCI DSS and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

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