Awareness Training Knowledge Assessment Tool

A knowledge-based assessment and survey can provide valuable information for you to configure your training and awareness program. How well do your employees know the basics of security, privacy, or compliance? And how do you measure changes in their knowledge over time? The truth is, in most organizations, there is no systematic way to measure improvements in your employees’ knowledge of how to protect your organization from risk. And that means there is no real way to know if your investment in training and reinforcement is paying off.

Measure Knowledge and Deliver ValueA carefully designed employee knowledge assessment can be a powerful tool to assess the state of awareness in your organization.

A carefully designed survey or quiz, however, can be a powerful tool to assess the state of knowledge in your organization. Our surveys are built to complement our adaptive  Security Awareness, Privacy Awareness, and Compliance Training libraries of training and reinforcement.

The survey questions are all closely aligned with the major content areas of security, privacy, and compliance. If your baseline survey shows weakness in one area, you can tailor your training and reinforcement to address that area of weakness. And if the areas that need improvement change over time, our adaptive learning approach allows you to shift your training content to respond in kind.

Survey Your Employees and Update Your Training Programs

The survey and quiz tool is easy to configure and administer. The knowledge assessment requires as little as 5 minutes of an employee’s time, but yield a wealth of valuable data. You can deploy various surveys throughout the year and the surveys only need to go to a statistically significant sample size, not the full employee population. The rich data they provide gives you the information you need to create a truly adaptive program that improves over time. Deployed in conjunction with other data gathering tools, such as phishing data and incident reports, the knowledge assessment surveys can be an important part of your analytic capacity.

Part of the Adaptive Awareness Framework™

MediaPro's knowledge assessment tool is part of our industry-leading Adaptive Awareness Framework approach to employee training.MediaPro’s Knowledge Assessment Tools are capable of operating as a stand-alone component of any awareness and training program. But the tool shows its true power when positioned as a fundamental component of the Adaptive Awareness Framework.

The Adaptive Awareness Framework brings together planning, training, reinforcement, and analysis (including simulated phishing and knowledge assessment surveys) in a seamless structure that is designed to build a risk-aware culture within your organization. The framework, and its supporting components, provides a structure that empowers you to deliver a comprehensive training and reinforcement program that can address all of your critical data protection and compliance needs.