Tom Pendergast

Tom is the chief strategist of MediaPro’s Adaptive Awareness Framework, an approach to solving an organization’s human problems in security, privacy, and corporate compliance. Tom’s work focuses on identifying the nature of human awareness challenges then developing education programs targeted at bringing about real changes in behavior. He’s a self-described learning nerd in the areas of privacy and security.

Tom has a Ph.D. in American Studies from Purdue University and is the author or editor of 26 books and reference collections. Outside of work, Tom enjoys trail running, climbing mountains, and spending time with his family.

The Privacy Paradox: GDPR Compliance in the U.S.

Originally published in Venture Beat. Figure this one out: Just shy of 100% of U.S.-based privacy professionals believe that the importance and complexity of managing privacy in their organizations is increasing. Similar numbers (97%!) acknowledge that they will increase their investment in managing privacy. Yet fully 61% of these same professionals acknowledge that they have… Read more »

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5 Signs Your Cybersecurity Awareness Program Is Paying Off

Originally posted on TripWire’s State of Security blog. Not too long ago, a client of ours who had just released a dynamic new cybersecurity awareness course told me how blown away he was with the response they were getting. His inbox was full of compliments, and his colleagues wanted to duplicate his training success in… Read more »

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Reaching the Cybersecurity Tipping Point

Originally posted on Network World Remember that moment when you really committed yourself to solid security and privacy practices? The moment when you committed to never clicking on a link you weren’t sure about, to always checking for badges on people coming in the door, to always using your password manager to create a complex password?… Read more »

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The Next Wave for Cybersecurity Awareness

This article was originally published on the TripWire blog. The annual RSA Conference is a lot of things to a lot of people (43,000 this year!). For me, it’s become an annual opportunity to step out of the stream and to look back at what has happened in the last year and peer forward at… Read more »

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