Learn more about MediaPRO's awareness training reinforcement content and see how our approach can help you make the most out of your training spend.

Awareness Training Reinforcement

Ensure the awareness training you deploy to your employees sticks

Learning is a Process, Not an Event

People forget things. It’s natural. But when an employee forgets a best practice about identifying a phishing email or keeping sensitive information secure, it puts your company at risk.

When reinforced, even with the simplest flow of supporting communications around the messages your employees need to retain, training changes behavior.

Your training can be executed perfectly, with a 100% completion rate, but what will you do to ensure that the knowledge gained will be applied throughout the year? Even the best training experience will be forgotten over time if the desired behaviors are not reinforced.

Reinforcement reminds, refreshes, encourages, and even entertains. And when you deploy reinforcement as a focused and ongoing series of communications around key risks, you’re on your way toward building a risk-aware culture.

Don’t waste resources with company-wide training initiatives by relying only on a once-per-year training event. Protect your investment through ongoing reinforcement.

Battle the Forgetting Curve

No matter how good your training is, it needs to be reinforced. Otherwise, both your organization and your employees have an uphill battle against the “forgetting curve." This whitepaper outlines best practices for keeping awareness principles top-of-mind with your workforce

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The MediaPRO Approach

Reinforcement is most effective when delivered in different formats and through a variety of channels. The result will be a fresh experience that helps employees recall important concepts and behaviors.

MediaPRO’s extensive library of reinforcement content gives you options with videos, posters, and newsletter articles. Each piece of content is aligned to a cybersecurity, data privacy, or corporate compliance risk that matters to your organization.

Each of our TrainingPacks comes bundled with a collection of risk-specific reinforcement materials. Each collection is tailored to support the lessons covered in our topic- and regulation-focused TrainingPacks. All reinforcement can be deployed via MediaPRO’s Learning Management System (LMS) or yours, just like our courseware.


Reinforcement Games

Adult learning research has found time and again the benefits of melding education with game playing.

With our educational games, people get to test their knowledge in a fun, animated environment that just happens to reinforce key lessons about how to protect your organization from risk. Our games provide interactive, entertaining, and fun ways to keep security, privacy, and compliance top-of-mind.


Animations and Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video or animation must be good for at least a couple million.

Our videos come in two flavors: animated and live action. The animated offerings lean toward the funny side, while our live-action content is more serious and professional. Each is short and designed to deliver a reminder about a specific risk area.

Each video can be embedded into to any prebuilt or from-scratch course using MediaPRO’s CourseEditor technology.



Don’t underestimate the power of a single, engaging image to drive home the importance of a concept or desired behavior.

High-quality posters provide a perfect opportunity to reinforce the lessons your employees need to retain from your awareness initiative. Consider these posters “drive by” billboards that can be deployed where your employees congregate to help cement an attitude of security and/or privacy awareness.

We maintain a library of high-quality, printable PDF posters covering a wide variety of risks. Each can be easily branded with your company logo.


Newsletter Articles

One of the most cost-effective ways to keep your awareness message fresh and accessible to your employees is to provide interesting, personal, and relevant content.

Our newsletter content is aligned with major risks and ready for you to deploy as short sidebars or full articles within your security or privacy-focused internal website, company newsletter, email, or other form of written content delivery.

For employees who don’t go for games and videos, newsletter content is a great way to connect.

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