White Paper: 3 Steps to Awareness Success

A comprehensive guide to a winning security and privacy awareness training program

The wall of technical protections you’ve built around your organization’s systems and data may be the best, but they won’t do a thing about the behaviors of your people, who can potentially defeat them all with a single, misguided click of the mouse. Ultimately it is their actions that will determine the safety and security of your information.

The good news is that a solution is both inexpensive and easy: An effective security and privacy awareness training program will not only provide the final crucial component in your information security plan, but actually boost your security posture overall. The keyword here, though, is “effective”—not all security training programs are created equal. Here, then, is your guide to sorting out the good from the bad. As you set out to craft a truly successful awareness training program, this timely eBook will:

  • Walk you through the essential principles of adult learning that underpin the most effective security and privacy awareness programs.
  • Show you how to create a security-aware culture that will substantially reduce your information risk.
  • Provide examples of the qualities of good security training that will help you evaluate the offerings of solution providers or guide you as you build your own program.
  • Demonstrate how an ongoing reinforcement program will work to transform knowledge into habitual practice.

Download this informative and enlightening resource now—it’s free.

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