Video: Don’t Let Malware Spoil the Fun

Share this free animation with your employees to remind them of the dangers of malware.

Malware has kept pace with every major evolution of the internet. From emails to free games to PDFs, there are countless forms of entry points for malicious software, just waiting for a stray click.

You have a handle on what it is, looks like, and where it lives – but do your employees? 

Share this free animation with your employees as a friendly reminder to watch out for malware. It takes less than two minutes, and it could make the difference between risk-aware behaviors and a breach.

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The animation explores the depths of the information security risks malicious software poses, and discusses how awareness and appropriate behaviors are key to keeping the internet fun and useful.

Don’t Let Malware Spoil the Fun from MediaPro on Vimeo
Please contact us should you wish to customize the security awareness video for your organization. Enjoy!

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