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Code of Conduct Conundrum

Here’s a really insightful piece on the importance of developing and communicating a Code of Conduct that actually lives in the memories of employees. After all, what good is all that work on your Code if no one ever engages with it? These questions have been very much in our minds as we’ve been preparing … Continued

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Why Mere Compliance Increases Risk

In the MediaPro article, “Why Mere Compliance Increases Risk” published in, the authors state that in some cases, poor awareness training is as bad, as-if not worse than–no training it all. The Department of Health and Human Services recently confirmed that a lack of training is a common cause of HIPAA compliance difficulties. Given … Continued

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Custom Training Case Study: EMRs, Training, and Culture Change

When GroupHealth Cooperative began their transition to a new electronic medical records (EMR) system, they knew it meant more than just a software installation–it meant changing the culture around how physicians, nurses, and other staff performed their jobs. GroupHealth is a consumer-governed, nonprofit health care system that coordinates care and coverage. The GroupHealth multi-partner healthcare system serve … Continued

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