Case Study: How Iluka Resources Created a Security-Aware Culture

Read how Australia-based Iluka Resources worked with MediaPro to developed a multi-topic security awareness program.

Australia-based Iluka Resources is a leading international mineral sands resource company with 850 direct employees and a similar number of contractors. As leaders of a global company, Iluka management know full well the importance of sound information security, or cybersecurity, However, relying strictly on software-based security measures does not account for the human element in cybersecurity.
That’s why Daniel Benporath, an information security architect for Iluka, decided to develop and implement a security awareness program that would equip Iluka’s employees with the knowledge they need to make sound security decisions.
The goal: a risk-aware corporate culture: “It’s about reducing our risk,” Benporath said. “Information security now is through the people. We wanted to make them a preventive measure for us.”
Download the full case study to find out why Iluka Resources chose MediaPro to develop a multi-topic security awareness program for all its employees.

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