White Paper: The 3 Keys to Unlocking GRC Training Success

Strategic roadmap for building a GRC Training Program in your Organization

Achieving and maintaining compliance culture in an organization requires relevant GRC training, as well as ongoing reinforcement activities. Motivating and actualizing needed behavior changes starts with a dedicated plan. At the same time, however, compliance is about more than simply maintaining a defensive posture. It is also an enabler of customer and shareholder trust, which serves to protect and increase loyalty, goodwill and reputation.

A crucial component in building a trustworthy organization is a solid compliance training program. An as you know, the Department of Justice and Securities Exchange Commission require it!
This eBook will be your planning road-map to realizing a program to accomplish the training objective, and equally important, actually serve to help you protect your organization from liability.

When built upon the pillars of established best practices, a proper GRC training program will include:

Chapter 1 • The incorporation of proven adult learning principles.
Chapter 2 • The characteristics of an effective training solution.
Chapter 3 • The proper design and deployment of an ongoing reinforcement program.

A successful and satisfying learning experience brings a self-reinforcing aspect that helps learners internalize new knowledge.

In this eBook, we will also:

  • Provide you guidance on how to assess and qualify the attributes of a “best-of-breed” corporate compliance training program.
  • Introduce best practices that produce sustained behavior change.
  • Offer specific examples of training elements that will allow you to discern the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Throughout the book we demonstrate how Governance, Risk Management and Compliance training, together with reinforcement, work symbiotically to help produce the culture of compliance which organizations, businesses, customers, and regulatory agencies seek to achieve.

We hope you enjoy learning from this roadmap, and can use it to spur your organization to long-term and sustainable GRC training success.

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