Phishing Education Video: What Would You Do?

Remind your employees of the importance of recognizing phishing scams with this free reinforcement animation.

Your employees know better than to share sensitive information out in the real world, but street smarts can only get you so far in the age of the internet.

Identifying phishing attempts isn’t always as easy as walking away from a scammer on the street.¬†Remind employees to stay alert when it comes to identifying suspicious emails with our free reinforcement animation:¬†Phishing: What Would You Do?

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Share this animation internally, free of charge. reinforcement resources can be branded for your organization and deployed at any time as part of your security awareness program. Our Adaptive Awareness Framework is structured around proven,18 effective adult learning principles.

Our mantra: Training + Reinforcement = Behavior Change.

Please contact us should you wish to customize the anti-phishing video for your organization. Enjoy!

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