Free Game: Don’t Put Your Company in CCPA Jeopardy!

Want a free way to see what your employees and coworkers know about the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)? Try our free CCPA Jeopardy-style game!

Answer: This data privacy regulation, which became enforceable July 1, 2020, grants California residents a variety of rights over how companies handle their personal data.

Correct response: What is the California Consumer Privacy Act?

If you knew that, you’re guaranteed to get at least one question right in our interactive online game about the CCPA based on the hit TV game show Jeopardy!

The CCPA: Not Just for the Golden State

July 1 marked the first day California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s office said they would begin enforcing the requirements. Companies must comply with the CCPA if they answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Do you make more than $25 million annual revenue?
  • Do you sell more than 50,000 consumer records per year?
  • Or does 50% of your annual revenue come from selling consumer information?

The law regulates the use and disclosure of personal information of nearly 40 million consumers, and is expected to affect more than 500,000 companies across the U.S. The CCPA bestows a variety of personal data rights on California residents—rights that employees at companies that handle this information need to know to keep client data secure and ensure compliance.

The CCPA allows the California Attorney General’s Office to issue fines of $2,500 per violation; even more if the violations were found to be intentional. Either way: ignorance of these requirements is no excuse.

A Chance to Learn

Industry research suggests, however, U.S. companies have more work to do to prepare for the CCPA and inform their employees about it.

A June TrustArc survey of 1,500 respondents found that nearly one-third of respondents said they had just started planning for the CCPA. Our own 2020 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report found that 62% of U.S. employees were unsure if the CCPA even applied to their company.

To call attention to this landmark regulation and the role employees play in keeping their companies compliant, we’ve developed a free-to-play online game designed to test you and your employees/colleagues’ knowledge about the CCPA.

Sample questions include:

  • What are the core principles of the CCPA?
  • What employee actions could put CCPA-protected information at risk?
  • Who do the CCPA data protection requirements apply to?

Don't Put Your Company in CCPA Jeopardy!

Test your and your colleagues' knowledge of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA_ with our free Jeopardy-style CCPA quiz!

Access Game

How to Use the CCPA Game

Need some ideas for using the game to engage your employees? Consider following the steps:

  • Promote the game with an all-employee email. Keep it brief with a link to the game – it’s the real draw here. Feel free to pull text from this post or the game itself.
  • Create a company leaderboard and post it in a break room or in a tool like Microsoft Teams. Tell employees to send screen captures of their final scores.
  • Recognize the high scorers! Consider giving them a certificate or gift for a job well done!

Our CCPA Jeopardy-style game is an example of the training content and resources we have available both for free and for clients. Find out more about our California Regulation TrainingPack.

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