How to Use MediaPro’s Awareness IQ Survey

Knowing What Your Employees Don’t Know About Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

“What you don’t know can’t hurt you,” has never been true in the InfoSec world.

Think of any recent headline-making data breach where foreknowledge could have prevented disaster. The Equifax fiasco comes to mind. The latest reports indicate that an unpatched software vulnerability allowed the personal information of 143 million people to be exposed.

Hopefully, if the need for a patch had been known about, the breach could have been avoided. “Knowledge is power,” a perhaps even-more-well-known idiom, applies here in spades.

The same is true in the realm of security awareness. Not knowing what your employees don’t know about cyberthreats can be dangerous. Just the same, acquiring this knowledge and using it can lead to a cyber-aware workforce to be proud of.

Knowledge is Power

What your employees know and don’t know about cybersecurity best practices is the perfect place to start when developing a comprehensive security awareness program. Such information will show you precisely where your employees misstep, and how badly. Your understanding of these risks allows you to develop and deliver content that ensures your employees get the most relevant training and reinforcement experience possible.

But how to go about collecting this knowledge? Why not ask your employees?

Free Survey

We’ve developed an outward facing survey designed to gauge the state of privacy and security awareness at individual organizations. It assigns a risk profile of “Hero,” “Novice,” or “Risk” to each survey respondent based on his or her answers to a variety of security and privacy related questions. These questions describe real-world scenarios across eight common threat vectors, including recognizing malware, proper sensitive data handling, and password security, and phishing.

MediaPro is offering to help you roll out our Privacy and Security Awareness IQ survey to your employee population to give you a head start on an employee awareness initiative. Here’s how it works:

1) Take the survey yourself to gauge your own Privacy and Security IQ

2) If you like what the survey has to offer, contact us via the link above to get the roll-out process started

3) A MediaPro representative will be in touch to discuss the details of deploying the survey within your organization

4) Once your company has taken the survey, we’ll produce a custom-made infographic based on the results and put you in touch with a MediaPro representative to discuss the findings with you

5) Bonus Step: With National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) happening in October, the survey is a perfect tool to begin discussions with your employee about the importance of cybersecurity at your organization. Considering deploying the survey to your people and having them take our 10-point Cybersecurity Pledge!:

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