On-Demand IAPP Web Conference: Building a Privacy Culture in Our Conflicted Age

Building a privacy culture today is getting harder and harder by the minute.

Employees who think privacy is already lost.

People fatigued by the endless privacy notices.

The challenges of creating a privacy-aware culture at your company will likely continue, but the work should still be done.

On-Demand Web Conference

In this recorded web conference, MediaPRO’s Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast  will discuss both the challenges that you can’t control and the precise points where you can exercise control over the way your organization approaches data protection. He’ll present a model for thinking about how to build a privacy culture via a training and awareness program and discuss the different actions and attitudes needed to succeed at building such a program.

When: Whenever you want (watch it below!)

Who: Tom Pendergast, MediaPRO Chief Learning Officer; Dave Cohen, Knowledge Manager, IAPP

Topics will include:

  • The conflicted nature of popular perceptions about privacy, including new wrinkles introduced by the pandemic.
  • A model for thinking about your influence on company culture that focuses on what you can and can’t control.
  • Tactical and mental tips for approaching training and reinforcement that give you leverage in communicating with employees.
  • Strategies for finding allies across your business, including at the executive level.

Registering for this webinar means creating a free account through BrightTALK, which will allow you to access this and other MediaPRO webinar content.

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