Independent Study Finds $256K in Benefits, Employee Behavior Change with MediaPRO Awareness Training

A commissioned Forrester study found as much as $256,400 in benefits for an organization implementing MediaPRO’s security and privacy awareness training.

You probably don’t need to be convinced that you need to deploy some form of awareness initiative to your employees.

The human attack surface is increasing, and organizations of all kinds need to be able to safeguard this front of the cyber battlefield.

Fortunately, the focus on the human side of cyberthreats and data protection is beginning to match the attention paid to cybersecurity and data privacy threats in general. But we’ll be the first to admit building an effective awareness initiative can be difficult.

One of the first hurdles those tasked with security and privacy awareness often encounter are the return on investment (ROI) questions.

  • How much is all this going to cost?
  • What are we going to get in return?
  • What proof will we have that training is working?

A recent commissioned Total Economic ImpactTM study shows just how much MediaPRO can help with these hurdles, and more.

The ROI of MediaPRO Awareness Training: A Case Study

The study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, revealed as much as $256,400 in total benefits for an organization implementing MediaPRO’s security awareness training platform.

The study found that enterprises deploying MediaPRO’s approach to awareness training can realize an overall return on investment (ROI) of 139% over three years with a payback period of less than six months.

The results were based on a composite organization Forrester used to model the impacts of an awareness program after interviewing four MediaPRO customers.

Prior to MediaPRO, the interviewed organizations reported that training courses and modules took a long time to develop, the training was not always relevant or a good match for the companies’ actual policies, and the companies had continuing problems with security incidents.

With MediaPRO, organizations reduced the time they spent creating and maintaining learning content, reduced incident remediation costs, and avoided third-party vendor costs needed to support an independent phishing tool, the study concluded.

By the Numbers and Beyond

Specific savings and benefits included:

  • Content creation and program maintenance time savings totaling $173,807
  • Reduced incident remediation costs by $58,968
  • Third-party simulated phishing tool savings of $23,625
  • Eighty percent reduction in annual malware incidents

The reported benefits of MediaPRO’s security and privacy awareness training did not stop at the financial savings. MediaPRO customers whom Forrester interviewed reported how easy it was to deliver content specific to employee job roles, the speed with which corporate compliance audits were completed, and an overall shift toward risk awareness around cybersecurity and data privacy issues.

A cybersecurity consultant in the chemical production industry interviewed for the study said:

“Because of the MediaPRO training, employees are thinking about security in a more holistic way. There’s been a reduction in phishing, unauthorized USB drives, tailgating, etc., even some areas that we haven’t given training to employees yet.”

An Information Security Lead in the interior design services industry interviewed for the study said:

“MediaPRO’s training is effective to the point that we’re turning the entire company into a monitor for attacks. Additionally, people are less resistant to security policy because now they understand the ‘Why’.”

See for Yourself

Access the full study (The Total Economic Impact™ Of MediaPRO, April 2019) here, or join us and guest presenter Stephen Odell, Forrester Sr. Consultant, Sept. 5 at 10 a.m. PT for a live webinar reviewing the results of the study.

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