Infographic: 2017 Privacy and Security Awareness in Financial Services

On: June 12, 2017

How aware are financial sector employees of cybersecurity and data privacy threats?

MediaPro wanted to find out. We polled 809 people employed in the U.S. financial services sector and tested their security and privacy know-how in eight key risk areas vital to an organization’s overall risk posture. The findings?

  • 80% of respondents  were classified as “risks” or “novices,” meaning their actions could lead to a potentially serious cyber incident or data breach
  • Only 20% were classified as “heroes,” meaning they had strong knowledge of security and privacy best practices and are likely well-prepared to deal with many cyber threats

In the wake of increasing cyber threats, financial services firms are spending an unprecedented amount of money to bolster their cybersecurity defenses.

But when firewalls fail to pick up on these threats, an employee’s ability to identify a phishy email is all that stands in the way of a potentially backbreaking news headline. This is exactly why employee awareness and training need to be viewed as exercises in risk mitigation — not just a means of fulfilling once-a-year compliance requirements.

The results of this survey suggest financial sector organizations need to consider a comprehensive data protection strategy that includes employee training to ensure security and privacy concerns are top-of-mind for their employees.

These numbers are based on additional analysis of our State of Privacy and Security survey. Want to find out how you stack up? Take the survey yourself! 

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Find out how aware financial sector employees are of a variety of cybersecurity and data privacy threats.



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