On-Demand Webinar: An Introduction to LearningLAB Cybersecurity Awareness Platform

Get an exclusive first look at MediaPRO's new LearningLAB, the cloud-based content delivery system that brings the industry’s best educational content to your employees in a sleek, modern interface and removes the labor of manually managing your awareness program.

Your workload just got lighter, thanks to LearningLAB.

This will seriously change the way you think (and feel) about security and privacy awareness programs by erasing the worst parts of running an awareness program from your workload.

LearningLAB requires no hardware, software, or specialized knowledge to implement, yet offers enough depth to support the most risk-aware organizations in the world. Through a fully configurable platform and simple drag-and-drop interface, administrators can brand the learning environment their employees see, control who has access to the training, and assign delivery of training modules. With a recommended training cadence built in, administrators can roll out the automated assessments, training, and reinforcement for the full year in a few simple clicks.

LearningLAB will wow your workforce with its sleek, modern interface, and eliminate your LMS headaches, for good. And that’s not all.

Take your teams from zero to “Hero” with LearningLAB.

Get an exclusive first look at LearningLAB in our on-demand webinar!

Risk Assessment graphs in LearningLAB show percentages of risky, novice, and hero employees.

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