Is Your IT Team on Your Team? June Training and Awareness Group Therapy Session

If you’re reading this while working from home, you should thank your IT team.

Maybe even offer to take them out to lunch, once we can visit restaurants again.

A more-than-threefold increase in employees working from home in recent months has undoubtedly made their jobs more challenging. We know our own IT staff has been working their butts off making sure we can keep business going as securely as possible.

Make IT Part of Your Team

Keep IT in mind when it comes to educating your employees. From a training and awareness perspective, IT is in a unique position to influence employee behavior.

Your employees often contact the help desk first when something seems suspicious.  With so many of us working from home these days, IT might be helping people with their remote work set up. A call to the help desk about their home router could be a perfect time to ask them if they’re still using the default password. Or a help desk ticket about a password reset might be the right time to suggest they use a password manager.

These are golden opportunities to educate your people!


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Register for our June 25 group therapy session for training and awareness managers to swap stories and tips on including your IT team in your training and awareness efforts!

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Live Chat Session June 25

In this month’s Group Therapy Session for Training and Awareness Managers, Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier and Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast as they discuss strategies for including your IT staff in your training and awareness efforts.

This will be an open forum (audience participation encouraged!) to discuss:

  • How support tickets can be teachable moments
  • Why training and awareness should be a team sport
  • Tips and tricks for InfoSec awareness at home

Register for our June 25 live chat at 10 a.m. PT to join in on the conversation.

We hope to see and hear you there!

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