MediaPro Adds Ransomware, GDPR Content to Adaptive Awareness Libraries

MediaPro has announced 11 new course topics within its awareness libraries, including content on ransomware and the GDPR

MediaPro has added 11 new course topics to its awareness libraries.
The new learning content includes training on ransomware prevention, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield framework. All the content can be added to existing courses to help employees prepare for some of the most pertinent security, privacy, and compliance issues today.
“Our customers have come to expect access to the latest information on privacy, security, and compliance issues,” said Steve Conrad, MediaPro’s founder and managing director. “Our adaptive approach allows them to build cultures of awareness relevant to the issues their organizations face, both today and in the future.”

Course Topic: Preventing Ransomware

MediaPro's most recent adaptive awareness libraries update includes new content on preventing ransomwareRansomware is quite lucrative for cybercriminals who, due to the anonymous nature of this exploit, are rarely caught. This has led to a 26 percent increase in new ransomware samples, as reported by McAfee Labs’ March 2016 threats report.
MediaPro’s new ransomware training content discusses best practices for combating these types of attacks and keeping cyber criminals from successfully extorting companies that find themselves in the crosshairs.

Course Topic: General Data Protection Regulation

MediaPro’s customers that conduct business in the European Union (EU) can now get access to a relevant overview of the GDPR. The new law was designed by the European Commission to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the EU, while also addressing the export of personal data outside the EU.
MediaPro's most recent adaptive awareness libraries update includes new content on the GDPR.This course topic covers the general scope of the GDPR, in addition to the new responsibilities impacted organizations have under the law. The added learning content paves the way for a major revision of MediaPro’s privacy training coming later in 2016.



Course Topic: EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework

MediaPro's most recent adaptive awareness libraries update includes new content on the U.S.-EU Privacy ShieldOrganizations looking to better educate themselves on how to work within the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework can now turn to MediaPro.
This new course topic will provide insight and training on the transatlantic exchanges of personal data for commercial purposes between the European Union and the United States, while reinforcing the need to continue protecting and responsibly handling all data.

Other new topics added to MediaPro’s libraries include:

  • Threats to Cardholder Data
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Taking on Tailgating in the Office Environment
  • USB Drive Hygiene and Handling

MediaPro has also made updates to a number of existing topics, including those that support the latest PCI DSS standard:

  • Common Fraudulent Practices
  • Ensuring PCI Compliance
  • Reporting an Incident
  • Data Storage, Retention, and Destruction

The Adaptive Awareness Portal, unveiled earlier this year, is closely aligned with MediaPro’s Adaptive Awareness Framework, and provides cloud-based access to tools and services that allow organizations to analyze their employee-related risks, plan awareness programs, and deploy targeted training and reinforcement programs on an ongoing basis.
Content available to Portal subscribers is sourced from MediaPro’s Adaptive Security, Privacy, and Compliance libraries, content-rich resources that enable organizations to reduce course development time by as much as 80 percent and get a better quality training experience for the dollars they invest.
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