MediaPro Expands Adaptive Security Library with Awareness Content for Privileged Users

This course describes the role privileged users play in an organization and the various responsibilities designed to protect your organization from cybersecurity threats.

MediaPro, recognized by Gartner as a Leader in the 2014 and 2015 Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Training Vendors, has announced the expansion of its Adaptive Security Library with the addition of training geared toward privileged users.
The new content is developed specifically for employees with enhanced access to an organization’s computer systems.
Additionally, MediaPro extended its commitment to its expansive library of content with the introduction of new reinforcement videos focused on intellectual property and password protection.
Numerous independent studies, consistently rank employees among the most vulnerable elements of an organization’s security. Privileged users, such as chief executive officers, network engineers, and administrators with significantly greater access and authority, pose an even bigger risk, given their access to an organization’s most-valued information.
This increased risk necessitates specialized, ongoing engagement to ensure privileged users recognize threats and react appropriately to reduce risk within their organization. The privileged user content in MediaPro’s Adaptive Security Library describes the role privileged users play in an organization and the various privileged user responsibilities designed to protect a given organization from cybersecurity threats.
Joining the privileged user content are two new training reinforcement animations: one focusing on protecting intellectual property, the other cementing the importance of password security. The password security animation joins MediaPro’s Adaptive Security Library, while the intellectual property animation joins MediaPro’s Adaptive Privacy Library.

Download our free password security animation and share it with your employees

“Our customers expect us to consistently deliver the latest content that ensures their employees are educated on the most pressing and emerging risks,” said Steve Conrad, managing director, MediaPro. “Our latest library updates, which address important business risks, are evidence of our ability to provide the industry’s largest, most diverse library of adaptive security, privacy, and compliance content available.”
The new videos are designed to regularly remind employees about actively protecting intellectual property in an increasingly-connected world, and to reinforce the key principles of creating and actively protecting passwords. Weak passwords continue to wreak havoc on the industry, with high-profile executives being hacked after reusing weak passwords across multiple social media sites.
“Our Adaptive Awareness Portal customers will be able to deploy this new content immediately,” said Tom Pendergast, chief strategist: security, privacy, and compliance, MediaPro. “That could potentially be the difference between a privileged user successfully recognizing a threat, or unknowingly relinquishing access to the company’s most valuable information.”
The Adaptive Awareness Portal, unveiled earlier this year, is closely aligned with MediaPro’s Adaptive Awareness Framework™ and provides cloud-based access to tools and services that allow organizations to analyze their employee-related risks, plan awareness programs, and deploy targeted training and reinforcement programs on an ongoing basis.
Content available to Portal subscribers is sourced from MediaPro’s Adaptive Security, Privacy, and Compliance libraries, content-rich resources that enable organizations to reduce course development time by as much as 80 percent and get a better quality training experience for the dollars they invest.
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