MediaPro Announces Industry’s First Adaptive Awareness Program Planning Capability

MediaPro has announced the introduction of new tools that will allow organizations to plan employee awareness programs tailored to their unique risks.

MediaPro today announced the introduction of new tools that will allow organizations to plan employee awareness programs to address their unique behavioral risks.

The Adaptive Planning Tool leverages MediaPro’s 20 years of experience helping its customers build effective awareness programs by providing planning roadmap templates that customers can adopt and expand on to meet their goals. The plan templates—offered at several tiers of complexity and for multiple industries—are aligned with the major human risks faced by companies of all sizes and provide a proven blueprint for awareness success.

“Today, busy security and privacy professionals see the need to create ongoing training and reinforcement programs that effectively mitigate behavioral risk, but there’s little guidance on how to design an effective and easy-to-deliver program that’s tied to industry standards,” said Steve Conrad, MediaPro’s managing director.

“We take pride in being the first to offer planning capabilities enabling companies of all sizes to understand the behavior risks they are targeting, and dramatically simplify program administration.”

The Planning Tool offers highly-visual “roadmaps” for executing an effective plan tied to specific behavioral risks. Depending on their industry and ambition, customers simply choose the plan that’s right for them, then tailor it to their needs. A smaller retailer might choose a “Tier 2” plan that includes training on Cybersecurity and PCI, quarterly phishing simulations, and quarterly reinforcement in the form of animated videos and posters.

A larger tech company looking to be a leader in cybersecurity best practices might choose a “Tier 3” plan that calls for a short, engaging online course, followed up with training tailored to specific employee roles. Their program might include monthly reminders on high-risk issues delivered via videos, games, and posters, regular phishing simulation exercises, and ongoing surveys to identify what’s working and what’s not.

“Most people running awareness programs really do want to enlist their employees in protecting the data that flows through their organizations, but they don’t always know what it looks like to run a comprehensive awareness program,” said Tom Pendergast, MediaPro’s chief strategist for security, privacy, and compliance.

“Our Adaptive Planning Tool provides templates for such programs, then lets users expand on and customize their roadmap. They build a plan that aligns their behavioral risks with the business risks that matter to them. The result is a customized awareness program that’s simple to build and deploy.”

The Adaptive Planning Tool is the latest major addition to MediaPro’s Adaptive Awareness Portal, a cloud-based solution that puts all the tools and content needed to deliver an awareness program at the customer’s fingertips.

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