MediaPro Announces Release of Cloud-Based Adaptive Awareness Portal

MediaPro has announced the release of its Adaptive Awareness Portal, a cloud-based one-stop-shop for employee awareness program development and deployment.

MediaPro, recognized by Gartner as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Training Vendors, announced today the general availability of its Adaptive Awareness Portal. The Portal provides cloud-based access to tools and services that allow organizations to analyze their employee-related risks, plan awareness programs, and deploy targeted training and reinforcement on an ongoing basis.
The Portal is closely aligned with MediaPro’s Adaptive Awareness Framework, an industry-leading vision for how organizations approach security, privacy, and compliance awareness programs, informed by the National Institute of Science and Technology’s (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). In addition to being closely tied to the CSF, MediaPro’s Framework leverages more than 20 years of experience in e-Learning and instructional design.

Dynamic, Adaptive, Integrated

“It’s clear that anyone delivering a successful, modern awareness program requires a solution that’s dynamic, adaptive, and integrated,” said Steve Conrad, MediaPro’s managing director. “We’re proud to announce that MediaPro is the only solution in the marketplace delivering on that promise.”
Key components of the Adaptive Awareness Portal include:

  • Dashboard – A place to review key performance indicators (KPIs) generated by different tools within the Portal
  • Course Builder – A tool allowing organizations to assemble, brand, and configure courses from any or all of MediaPro’s adaptive training content libraries
  • LMS – A full service learning management system, allowing the ability to deliver and track courses for all employees
  • Reinforcement Library – Review, brand, and download all the animations, articles, and posters needed to keep security and privacy at the forefront of employees’ minds
  • Phishing Simulator – Assess, train, and test employee vigilance across an entire organization using targeted phishing campaigns with results tracked via a graphical dashboard
  • Employee Knowledge Assessment – Survey employee knowledge of security, privacy, and/or compliance best practices to deploy targeted learning content and, after deployment, see where reinforcement may be needed

Companies who opt for the full Adaptive Awareness Library can easily build as many courses as they’d like using the Course Builder tool. Additionally, they’ll have full access to the Reinforcement Library and Planning templates. If they choose, they can also purchase access to the Phishing Simulator, learning management system (LMS), and Survey tool, which is particularly helpful in measuring what employees know both pre- and post- training.

Shifting Threat Landscape

“The threat landscape is shifting dramatically, and that means we need to shift the way we deliver education to employees,” said Tom Pendergast, MediaPro’s chief strategist for security, privacy, compliance. “You really can do it all in the Portal, from analyzing employee knowledge and behavior, to building a risk-based plan, to delivering unique courses and selecting from our ever-growing library of videos, posters, and games.”
All courses available on the Portal have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they operate correctly on the authoritative source for Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliance, SCORM Cloud, and on all major browser platforms.
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