MediaPro Announces New Planning Tool, Industry-Specific Employee Awareness Solutions

MediaPro has announced the launch of its new Adaptive Planning Tool as well as defined awareness programs for the retail and healthcare industries.

MediaPro has announced the launch of its new Adaptive Planning Tool as well as defined awareness programs for the retail and healthcare industries.

The Planning Tool, integrated within MediaPro’s award-winning Adaptive Awareness Portal, allows security and privacy program professionals to quickly identify and configure an awareness program plan that suits their industry, their culture, and their risk profile.

Customers who take advantage of the Portal’s new Planning Tool can tap into MediaPro’s industry-leading library of existing awareness program plans, which are closely aligned with the  NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). Based on their industry, risk profile, and available resources, customers can choose a CSF-based Tier 1 to Tier 4 program—from Basic to Adaptive—with options to tailor dates and deliverables to match specific needs as the year progresses.

Pre-Built Awareness Program Plans

The Planning Tool also offers pre-built awareness program plans, with the first focusing the retail and healthcare industries. These pre-built plans allow retail and healthcare organizations of all sizes and budgets to visualize, develop, and deploy comprehensive awareness programs tailored to their specific risks.

“Thanks to the additions of both the Planning Tool and new awareness solutions for retail and healthcare customers, the Adaptive Awareness Portal is a versatile, targeted way for companies to streamline awareness and education needs,” MediaPro Managing Director Steve Conrad said. “Security and privacy professionals can now easily build robust, year-long adaptive awareness program plans, without having to put in the time and effort needed to build one from the scratch.”

Recently, security and privacy professionals have realized that simply delivering annual training or simulated phishing tests is not enough. But, they have yet to figure out how to run a more mature awareness program, or one tailored to specific needs of their industry. MediaPro’s Planning Tool alleviates this issue by offering clear examples of how to run an effective, year-round program that ensures continuous improvement over time.

“The Planning Tool has incredible flexibility based on an organization’s goals, culture, and capacity,” said Tom Pendergast, MediaPro’s Chief Strategist for Security, Privacy, and Compliance. “This flexibility allows customers to decide which Tiered program is right for their organization right now, knowing full well they can make changes as their awareness needs mature.”

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Want to see the Adaptive Planning Tool and MediaPro’s new awareness solutions in person? Come check us out booth #S438 at RSA Conference 2017. Reach out to us to ask about scheduling a meeting.

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