MediaPRO Launches Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Aiming to Empower Victims, Create Advocates

MediaPRO is introducing interactive sexual harassment prevention training designed to help create corporate cultures of empathy and safety.

Few things should be taken as seriously in a workplace environment as sexual harassment. According to a recent Pew Research study, 44 percent of American adults have received unwanted sexual advances or harassment at work.

To help reduce the occurrence of sexual harassment in the workplace, we’re introducing new interactive sexual harassment prevention training to reduce instances of harassment and to change how employees view their actions in an evolving cultural shift.

“In recent years, a significant light has been shone onto the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and misconduct at all levels of the American workforce,” said Colleen Huber, MediaPRO’s Director of eLearning Design and Development. “The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have helped drive these issues into our social consciousness and start a cultural shift. However, organizations continue to pay hundreds of millions of dollars each year to clean up after harassment lawsuits and this training is intended to reshape how organizations across the globe deliver sexual harassment prevention training.”

Built to shift the attitudes, definitions and efficacy of how companies and workers view sexual harassment, this new sexual harassment prevention training module redefines sexual harassment prevention training to make it more effective and impactful.

“Our research has shown that traditional training can be ineffective at best and cause backlash that reinforces the harassing behavior at worst,” Huber said. “MediaPRO has developed an inclusive and effective sexual harassment prevention training program that delivers a firm message through fact-based and interactive training. The training looks at the issue holistically with manager and bystandard training as well as creating a civil work environment.”

Available through MediaPRO’s digital learning platform LearningLAB, this online training tool uses videos, animations and other tactics to build empathy and change the perceptions of the learner. MediaPRO leveraged its more than 25 years of experience creating corporate training to build this program based on empirical research on training efficacy, social science findings and adult learning principles. A growing number of MediaPRO’s innovative global clients have asked for a better training and this new program delivers it.

MediaPRO’s content avoids clichés and inappropriate humor, awkward video actors, labels, and stereotyping. Instead, it represents as many roles and types of people as practical and includes a variety of interactions that allows the learner to experiment with content as appropriate. The training will meet the guidelines of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s training requirements and blend fact-based assessment with scenario-driven experiences to shift the learner’s behavior in a realistic way.

Curious how well your staff is trained on this subject? Try MediaPRO’s free assessment tool or find out more about the training here.

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