MediaPro Announces New Microlearning Enhancements to Adaptive Awareness Portal

MediaPro Announces New Microlearning Enhancements to Adaptive Awareness Portal

MediaPro announced today that it has significantly enhanced its award-winning Adaptive Awareness Portal with new microlearning content, offering  a scalable and modular approach to e-Learning.
“Attack vectors are constantly changing, meaning the days of providing employees with a static set of security and privacy curricula are over,” said Steve Conrad, MediaPro’s founder and managing director.
“Our clients rely on us to provide industry-leading content through a flexible solution like the Adaptive Awareness Portal.  This allows them to deliver the latest security, privacy, and compliance-focused content to their employees, in right-sized chunks, in a way that’s highly flexible and can be customized to meet specific organizational needs.”
Among the many features of the Awareness Portal that reflect its long-standing alignment to the principles of microlearning is the Course Builder tool, allowing organizations to assemble, brand, and configure courses of any size.
MediaPro’s proprietary Course Builder draws from more than 15 hours of modular source content from any or all of MediaPro’s adaptive training content libraries. By assembling content like building blocks, Course Builder allows for the mixing and matching of topics to meet unique requirements of specific job functions, rather than providing a static set of topics to all employees that just isn’t relevant.
The highly volatile nature of changing security and data protection threats makes it hard for awareness professionals to quickly react and adapt their training and reinforcement efforts. With the Adaptive Awareness Portal, MediaPro has addressed this problem directly with a modular, flexible, customizable, and easily deliverable courseware platform.  The content in the Awareness Portal is intelligent by design and leverages the principles of microlearning for all of its content, including reinforcement videos, animations, and posters.
The Portal focuses on four main attributes:
Modular – Rather than delivering rigid microlearning topics, MediaPro has chosen to allow clients to mix and match topics to meet their requirements for content coverage and course length, pulling from more than 300 topics from password best practices to ransomware and safe computing.
Flexible – Awareness Portal customers have complete control over which content goes into a specific course, as well as the course length. The Portal provides role-based content to specific job functions within an organization, ensuring the right content is delivered to the right people.
Customizable – Customers can deploy content from MediaPro’s industry-leading libraries, or add their own training content designed specifically for their own operational units, such as call centers, IT professionals, or executives. This new content can be dynamically filtered and presented to the proper audience, enhancing or replacing existing library content.
Easily to Deliver – The Adaptive Awareness Portal is cloud-based and built upon web-native HTML, JavaScript, and XML, meaning no required plug-ins or installed components are needed. Courseware assembled in the Awareness Portal can be delivered over workstations, laptops, and tablets; and from any standard browser and over any standard OS.
“In a world where so many elements are vying for employees’ attention, it’s up to security and privacy professionals to provide a platform that enables incremental learning to maximize retention,” said Tom Pendergast, MediaPro’s chief strategist, security, privacy, and compliance. “The Adaptive Awareness Portal, built upon principles of microlearning, does just that.”
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