On-Demand Webinar: Effective Security Awareness Training for Millennials

Learn how to best present vital cybersecurity topics to your millennial workforce with our free on-demand webinar.

Listen to our free on-demand webinar to learn how to present cybersecurity best practices to your millennial workforce with training and education that speaks directly to them.

Join MediaPro instructional designer Jeff Morgenroth and simulated phishing expert Mike Defoe at as they discuss how to make security awareness training and simulated phishing campaigns that effectively reach your millennial workforce, yield true behavior change in your organization, and produce real business results. A “millennial” is anyone born between 1982 and that’s likely a large percentage of your modern workforce!

Webinar topics include:

  • What truly motivates millennial learners
  • Using interactive elements in your security awareness training
  • Keeping it relevant through tactics such as role-based content
  • Presenting training and reinforcement content in a variety of ways
  • How to hone your simulated phishing campaign to millennials

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Don’t let your security awareness program fall prey to false assumptions about the first “digital native” generation, such as that they don’t care about protecting information or that they don’t have the attention spans for security awareness training to be effective.

Watch this webinar today!

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