Monitoring Your Company’s Simulated Phishing Program Just Got Easier

Our customers asked for a better way to monitor their simulated phishing campaigns, and we listened: Introducing our new Phishing Dashboard.

We’ve completely redesigned our tool’s dashboard to highlight the most actionable analytics:

  • Live statistics on all running campaigns
  • Trending performance over the last five campaigns
  • Your most risky departments
  • Leaderboard for the groups who proactively avoid and report phishing threats

This new suite of data visualization features makes it easier to:

  • Target specific employee groups and departments with focused phishing campaigns
  • Track progress and improvements over time
  • Show ROI for entire your simulated phishing initiative

With MediaPRO’s Phishing Simulator, employees are better prepared to ultimately strengthen defenses, minimize response times, and stop threats in their tracks. The phishing tool is an optional part of all MediaPRO TrainingPacks. Speak to an expert to learn more or request a demo.

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