MediaPRO Releases Free Data Privacy Day Resource Toolkit

On January 28th, MediaPRO will join the National Cyber Security Alliance and others in using Data Privacy Day as an opportunity to encourage businesses to consider how they are collecting, using, and securing personal information.

For businesses and consumers alike, building awareness around best practices is a critical component of ensuring data stays safe and user privacy stays protected.

New Data Privacy Day Resources

To recognize Data Privacy Day 2019, we’re releasing our Breached, Not Beaten toolkit, which features a variety of free resources on data privacy best practices that can be easily shared throughout your organization. Inside the toolkit, you will find a “Getting Started” mini-guide, as well as:

  • 4 posters in PDF and PNG formats promoting a variety of data privacy concepts
  • An infographic (3 Common PII Phishing Tactics to Look Out For) explaining some of the most common ways phishing emails seek out personally-identifiable information (PII)
  • A brief video (Breached, Not Beaten) explaining the importance of securing personal data
  • Sample emails for sharing the resources listed above

The toolkit is designed to be shared within your organization to promote data privacy and the proper handling of sensitive data. These resources can be shared as part of your existing privacy awareness plan, or on their own. While the contents of the toolkit should not take the place of a focused training initiative, they can be used to start conversations about security and encourage employees to take data privacy lessons to heart.

At MediaPRO, we believe in tackling privacy issues by going beyond the inbox to address not only phishing but topics such as regulatory compliance as well. With continuous training and engaging education programs, you can build a culture of cybersecurity and data privacy into your workplace.

Even if your business is breached, all is not lost. Security and privacy awareness training offers an opportunity to identify and fix the behaviors that led to the incident and reduce the chance it happens again.

You can download the toolkit below.

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