MediaPro Releases New Course in Secure Application Development

Training is essential to the secure development life-cycle and the advancement of trustworthy computing.
BOTHELL, WA — MediaPro, the creator of the Adaptive Security Library™, today announced the formal release of their new Secure Application Development Course. More than a mere training program, the Secure Application Development Course is designed to help eliminate the vicious cycle of “release-and-patch” by teaching developers to apply best practices from the very inception of the development effort. When properly administered, the course can act as a change agent for creating a culture that values and prioritizes software security throughout the software development life-cycle.
“Information security is not simply a matter for IT professions anymore—it must begin far upstream, in the design of the application software itself,” explained Steve Conrad, Managing Director at MediaPro. “Security breaches are daily events now, and the weak link is frequently a vulnerability in software, discovered and exploited by cybercriminals. Consequently, it is essential that software developers be trained in the principles of secure application development.”
MediaPro’s product director, Tom Pendergast added, “Secure coding training efforts require a thorough, professional-level examination of the software development life-cycle to discover those points where security will be an issue. As such, in combating the ever-evolving threat landscape, security aspects of software must take their place alongside such attributes as usability, performance, and reliability. In other words, security must be designed in. And that requires education.”
The modules in this new course cover the top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities, and are structured to provide an overview of the topic, introduce the different types of attacks, and then suggest design and coding solutions to prevent these attacks:

  • Security Principles Overview
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Session Management
  • Input / Output Handling
  • Error Handling
  • Logging
  • Cryptography
  • Web Service Security

About MediaPro
MediaPro is nationally recognized for producing award-winning, Web-based training solutions that reduce risk by improving end-user behaviors. The best-of-class training materials help companies meet their compliance requirements and safeguard business assets. In addition to training, awareness, and reinforcement products, MediaPro also develops custom data protection and compliance courseware. MediaPro has won over 100 prestigious awards for instructional excellence and its products are used by some of the most brand-conscious companies in the world. For more information, please email

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