MediaPRO Releases New Training Solution Addressing Larger Security and Privacy Threat Landscape

MediaPRO TrainingPacks make security and privacy awareness training needed to help companies defend against cyberthreats fun, fast, and impactful.

It’s getting tougher and more expensive to protect your company’s sensitive data, reputation, and bottom line. Employees continue to be one of the greatest risks because today’s security and privacy awareness programs provide mixed results, at best.

With as many as 75% of U.S. employees struggling with a lack of awareness to stop preventable cybersecurity incidents, delivering effective training has become a crucial step for businesses to protect themselves from ever-evolving cyberthreats.

That’s why MediaPRO has developed TrainingPacksTM, an easier way to deliver the security and privacy awareness training companies of all sizes need to ensure their employees know how to protect against cyberthreats and keep sensitive data secure.

MediaPRO TrainingPacks combine engaging, flexible, out-of-the box courses with reinforcement materials, impact reports, a phishing simulator tool, and customer support. With TrainingPacks, organizations have the tools to:

  • Engage employees with training that meets them where they are using interactivity and real-world scenarios and examples
  • Show training effectiveness with employee knowledge assessments that provide insight into employee strengths and growth areas
  • Address a more complete threat landscape with training materials that go beyond phishing prevention to address data protection, incident reporting, industry regulation-specific topics, corporate compliance, and more

“Our TrainingPacks answer the question we hear most often: how can you make it simpler for me to run a real awareness program?” MediaPRO Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast said. “These TrainingPacks contain just what you need to get the job done, whether you’re just getting started on meeting a single regulatory need or ramping up for a more comprehensive approach.”

TrainingPacks include comprehensive out-of-the-box courses yet are flexible enough to enable you to meet your organization’s priorities and requirements. Training course content is continually refreshed, and new content is added to reflect the latest regulations and standards. MediaPRO has released three comprehensive TrainingPacks and four focused on specific industry regulations:

All TrainingPacks come with a pre-assessment tool to better align training to employee needs, reinforcement materials to ensure lessons are retained, the ability to tailor courses or build new ones from scratch, 10-minute-or-less microlearning options, and a one-on-one client success manager. Other available features include a Phishing Simulator, translation of course content into 21 different languages, full course customization, and learning management system (LMS) hosting.

Find out how easy it is to make training fun, fast, and impactful with MediaPRO TrainingPacks. Speak to an expert to learn more today.

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