MediaPro’s Steve Conrad Quoted by CSO Online on the Need for Better Teamwork Between IT and HR

MediaPro's Steve Conrad talks with CSO Online about the importance of teamwork between HR and IT to safeguard cybersecurity.

This past February, a former employee of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) inadvertently downloaded 44,000 customer records, including personally identifiable information (PII), to a flash drive.
This isn’t the first incident either; in the past eight months, the FDIC has reported seven such breaches, all from departing employees bringing data with them and compromising the PII of 160,000 Americans.
Could better collaboration between IT and HR have prevented those incidents from happening? CSO Online’s Taylor Armerding spoke with Steve Conrad, our founder and managing director, about it in a recent article:
“Data of different classifications seemed to have been comingled and the (FDIC) employee didn’t readily identify PII was at risk,” Steve Conrad told CSO Online. “This breach may have been stopped with a more effective security awareness program. HR could definitely help IT design a better training experience that produces better overall results.”
Conrad goes on to tell Armerding that “good training should involve the marketing team as well as IT and HR, since the goal is to ‘sell’ employees on good security practices.”
“IT should partner with marketing to learn how to deliver a message that sticks and gets better results,” Conrad says. A comprehensive awareness solution is key, here.
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