Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Tech Accord: We’re In

MediaPRO is throwing in with 45 other companies from across the InfoSec landscape to commit to a common set of cybersecurity principles: Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Tech Accord.

MediaPRO is throwing in with 45 other companies from across the InfoSec landscape to commit to a common set of cybersecurity principles: Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Tech Accord.

As part of this pledge, we’re committing to:

  • Protect all our users and clients everywhere
  • Oppose cyberattacks on innocent citizens and organizations, no matter the source
  • Empower users, clients, and developers to strengthen cybersecurity protection
  • Partner with like-minded groups to enhance cybersecurity

Just today, Microsoft announced 11 new signatories (including us) to the Tech Accord. The tech giant announced the accord itself and the first 33 companies that signed on in April. Some heavy hitters have signed on so far, including Facebook, Cisco, HP, Nokia, Oracle, SalesForce, and Carbon Black. Check out the Tech Accord site for the full list.

In Good Company

We’re thrilled to join with these companies to advance the cause of cybersecurity. But rubbing shoulders with the likes of Microsoft and Cisco wasn’t the reason we wanted to sign on to the Tech Accord.

We saw an opportunity to push the cause of security awareness and knew we needed to jump on it. We’re proud to be the first, but hopefully not the only, security awareness company to sign on to the accord and hope our presence triggers conversations about the importance of empowering employees with the knowledge they need to combat cyberthreats. We were glad to see this called out in Brad Smith’s blog post announcing the Tech Accord in April:

“Securing the world’s computer network requires all of us to recognize the need to increase the capability and resilience of the world’s computer networks. We’ll do this by providing our users, customers and the wider developer ecosystem with more information and better tools that enable them to understand current and future threats and protect themselves against them.”

Culture is Key

Increasing understanding of future threats and how users can protect themselves is what we’re all about, and have been for 25 years. Increased understanding and preparedness is at the core of what a good security awareness program should be. Our own CEO, Tyler Winkler, said it well:

“From our perspective, training employees doesn’t need to be complicated, but it should create a culture of awareness that empowers people to protect themselves and their companies against threats.”

For us, the keyword here is culture. The Tech Accord is a realization that cybersecurity concerns should be as woven into the broader global culture as technology is. We see that laid bare in the tenet about empowering users to strengthen cybersecurity protection.

We all have a role to play in building a cybersecure culture, whether it’s in our families, our schools, our communities, or our workplaces, and MediaPRO is happy to do our part.

Want to learn more about our approach to employee awareness? Download our comprehensive guide to awareness programs for free! 

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