White Paper: The Most Important KPI You’re Not Tracking

The Ponemon Institute's research has shown gaining executive support is most critical to success. The very close #2 on the list? User awareness training.

In this white paper, we interview with Drs. Larry Ponemon and Kenneth Knapp. Thanks to research conducted by the Ponemon Institute, breaches at over 300 organizations provided the insight to the average annualized cost of cybercrime.  Your company routinely measures and monitor your organization’s profit margins, debt to equity ratio, sales performance, inventory turnover, and other vital KPIs. But what about the effectiveness of your information security organization? Does that one appear anywhere on your dashboards?
“Executives understand the language of risk, and it’s often best to explain the necessity of security programs using such terms. Risk management and corporate governance are intertwined and are executive responsibilities.” —Dr. Kenneth Knapp

The Ponemon Institute’s research has consistently shown that gaining executive support is the most critical information security issue to address. The very close number two on the list: User awareness training.

What’s remarkable about these findings is that the top two security issues (out of the 58 considered in Knapp’s survey) are not matters of information technology, but of management. Not firewalls, not network security architecture, not even access control, but the security culture and competence of the organization. “The fact is security impacts every employee. It only takes one careless person to cause a costly security incident. Thus, every employee needs to be trained on proper security behavior. And it is essential for businesses big and small; size doesn’t matter because criminals target them all.”

In this white paper, free for download, learn how to prepare to preserve your company’s and customers’ data… and your reputation.

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