It Begins: Get Ready for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2018!

MediaPRO has an entire month's worth of free content planned for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) in October! Learn more now!

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), equivalent to the holiday season for cybersecurity pros, is only a month away.

Are you and your organization ready to use this month-long opportunity to up your employees cybersecurity know-how? If not, we at MediaPRO have got you covered!

Once again we’re launching a weekly downloadable toolkit program, with each bundle of resources tied to the weekly NCSAM themes. We’ve partnered with the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) to bring you four resource-packed toolkits of security awareness content from us and STOP. THINK. CONNECT. (STC), the masterminds behind NCSAM.

Sign up to receive free bundles of award-winning resources aligned to each week’s NCSAM theme during October. Use your new employee-facing educational resources and security program management content to create a more risk-aware culture at your organization through improved security awareness.

See a full breakdown of each toolkit and sign up here!

You’ll get access to:

  • The all-new Cyber Falls microsite: an interactive, gamified world for employees and their families that teaches security awareness best practices
  • Our Employee Risk Assessment for benchmarking your employee’s data protection know-how against that of similar organizations
  • The 2018 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report: ground-breaking annual research on the average employee’s data protection IQ
  • 15 animations, posters, and infographics to distribute to employees about the Internet of Things, password protection, and more
  • 8 security awareness management support resources: webinars, interviews, and white papers on getting the most out of your security awareness and training initiatives

With this much free content from the nation’s top security awareness advocates, there’s no doubt that this NCSAM will be your most successful one yet.

Sign Up Today!

MediaPRO is proud to call ourselves an NCSAM Champion. Learn more about becoming a Champion here.

Coordinated and led by the National Cyber Security Alliance and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, NCSAM has grown exponentially since its inception, reaching consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses, corporations, educational institutions and young people across the nation and internationally

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