For Nonprofits, Security and Privacy Training Are Critical

If you run a non-profit, chances are you maintain a lot of information about your donors. Personal information. Financial information.  Information that a lot of people outside your organization would love to get their grubby hands on. Is it safe?
Your donors are among the people who care most about the work of your organization. But there are two powerful forces at work right now to breach their crucial trust:
1)      Brazen cyber criminals who now recognize nonprofits like yours as easy targets. A recent survey by RSA found that 70% of information security professionals wouldn’t bet $100 that they won’t be the victim of a data breach in the next six months. And nonprofits tend to be far less prepared than their for-profit counterparts. If you think your donors’ information is safe, it might be a good idea to think again.
2)      Your own people, who through ignorance or carelessness, leave the doors to all that donor data wide open—even though they don’t mean to. The fact is information security is not just about bad people doing bad things. In fact, breaches are just as often cause by good people doing stupid things. The fact is the “non-malicious” breach can be just as deadly as the malicious variety.
The good news is you can safeguard your donors’ privacy against both threats with privacy and security awareness training developed specifically for nonprofits. It’s fast, easy, inexpensive, and most important, it works. And with a single data breach potentially costing millions of dollars, neither you nor your donors can afford the risk exposure.
Your donors count on you to keep their information safe; you count on your donors to keep your organization running. Do your donors—and your organization—a big favor: build true trustworthiness into the very fabric of your culture by instituting a security awareness program now. It is certainly preferable to instituting one after a breach has occurred.

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