On-Demand Webinar: GDPR Readiness and the Vendor Selection Process

This live webinar features insights into the vendor selection process from both large and small companies as the May 25 GDPR deadline nears.

Whether you’re a company of 50 or 50,000, GDPR readiness is no easy feat.

That’s why organizations are seeking third-party solutions for the tough tasks of 72-hour breach notification, privacy awareness training, and more, all required by the landmark General Data Protection Regulation.

Join Ken Drake of Blizzard Entertainment and Adam Hoey of Potentia Concepts for this on-demand webinar in which they discuss similarities and differences in the GDPR readiness vendor selection process from opposite ends of the business-size spectrum

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Both privacy professionals will discuss:

  • GDPR requirements that are most easily achieved via outside vendors
  • Important questions to ask vendors you’re considering
  • Deciding factors for selecting a vendor to assist with GDPR compliance

Don’t miss the expertise available through this unique Q&A webinar! Watch it today! 

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