On-Demand Webinar: The Human Side of GDPR Readiness

Forrester analyst Enza Iannopollo helps dissect how true GDPR compliance means shifting your corporate culture in this joint webinar with MediaPro.

In our on-demand webinar, join Forrester analyst Enza Iannopollo and MediaPro’s Chief Strategist Tom Pendergast as they discuss how to address one of your biggest risks as you ready your organization to comply with the GDPR: your employees.

With the looming threat of fines totaling $21.5 million or 4% of a company’s global revenues, there’s an increased urgency around meeting the GDPR’s requirements. This includes investing in privacy awareness training for employees that handle the PII of EU citizens, as required by Articles 39 & 47 of the GDPR.
During the webinar, our two experts discuss:

  • How to better understand the GDPR
  • Incorporating Privacy by Design principles into your business processes
  • Improving data classification practices
  • Bolstering a privacy-aware corporate culture

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Preparing your entire employee population to adequately protect data will take more than an annual training course. To create a truly risk-aware culture designed to decrease accidental GDPR violations, you’ll need to create an ongoing awareness program.

If you’re one of the 92% of U.S. multinationals citing GDPR compliance as their current top priority, watch this webinar today!

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