On-Demand Webinar: Improving the Effectiveness of Your Awareness Program with Dr. Tom Pendergast

Explore 5 strategies for Improving the Effectiveness of Your Awareness Program with Tom Pendergast, MediaPro's Chief Strategist and resident learning expert.

Learn the ins and outs of an effective awareness program with our webinar, Improving the Effectiveness of Your Awareness Program, presented by Tom Pendergast, MediaPro’s Chief Strategist and resident learning expert.

Recorded on February 18, 2016, Improving the Effectiveness of Your Awareness Program, focuses on ways to improve the effectiveness of your awareness program by putting an even greater emphasis on the ­human element. After all, despite any technological barriers you may have in place, your employees are ultimately the only things standing between your organization and a data breach or privacy policy violation.

Tom Pendergast, Ph.D., has worked with dozens of our clients developing awareness programs and has some insights to share with you about what works and what doesn’t.Watch this webinar for information on how to:

  • Address the different training needs of various positions within your organization
  • Know when and in what ways to alter your training topics
  • Handle changes to the security or privacy landscapes quickly and efficiently
  • Help employees retain training information
  • Avoid the pitfalls of once-a-year training

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You may already be familiar with Dr. Pendergast and his expertise in the awareness training industry, as he’s written extensively on security and privacy awareness topics. He is MediaPro’s Chief Strategist of Security, Privacy, and Compliance, and is the chief architect of MediaPro’s Adaptive Architecture™.

If you have any questions about this webinar or about MediaPro’s offered services, please contact us.

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