On-Demand Webinar: Learn the Ins and Outs of a Security-Aware Culture from a Forrester Expert

Developing and maintaining a security-aware culture in an organization has become vital in the defense against modern cyberthreats.

But such a culture cannot be expected to develop overnight. Building such a culture is a journey, not a miracle, with many pitfalls along the way.

That’s why we’re here to help.

Watch our on-webinar Harden the Human Firewall by Building Awareness, Behavior, and Culture, with MediaPRO Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast guest speaker Forrester analyst Jinan Budge to learn how to instill a culture of security through an engaging, meaningful, and even entertaining security awareness program.

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Our two experts discuss:

  • Addressing cultural challenges to investment in security awareness
  • Making the case for a behavior-changing awareness initiative
  • Tackling security awareness with a team-based mentality
  • Employee training tactics that work

About the Forrester Analyst

Jinan Budge is an experienced leader serving security and risk professionals who specializes in transformation change and building sustainable cybersecurity, digital, and information risk management capabilities. Jinan has delivered outstanding results using strategic and innovative thinking in the cybersecurity field—building, standing up, and delivering significant cyber transformation strategies across the public and private sectors.

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