On-Demand Webinar: Why Security Awareness Should Not Stop at Phishing

If you’re keeping even half an eye on the InfoSec news cycle, you know how big of a problem phishing is.

The annual Verizon data breach found again this year that phishing was the leading way for malware to enter networks, with the average company reporting that 94% of detected malware came in via email. Thirty-two percent of confirmed breaches started with phishing, again the most common tactic.

It makes sense, then, that so much security awareness training content out there is focused on this threat. Some vendors make their business on it almost completely, with this trend extending to the phishing simulator emerging as a key selling point for those in the security awareness business.

But phishing should really be just the beginning.

In this special on-demand webinar, two MediaPRO subject matter experts will discuss why phishing should be an important part of a balanced breakfast when it comes to security awareness training. Sign up to watch the webinar and learn more about:

  • Best uses for simulated phishing campaigns
  • Why simulated phishing should be one of many tools in a security awareness toolbox
  • Why a comprehensive security awareness program needs to cover more than just phishing
  • How to build such a program

Access this webinar for free today!

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