White Paper: PCI Compliance: Employee Awareness is Key

Learn how to effectively implement PCI training with our free white paper, which covers the role of security awareness in PCI compliance and best practices.

PCI security compliance provides an outstanding vehicle for developing the kinds of security-aware habits that will have positive ripple effects throughout the organization.

PCI-DSS Requirement 12 covers more than simply setting policies: it also requires organizations to train their staff on information security and reinforce that training on a regular basis.

Achieving and maintaining a security-aware workplace requires relevant training and ongoing reinforcement activities to motivate and actualize the behavior changes needed to keep your organization – and your customers – safe and secure.

Our white paper PCI Compliance: Employee Awareness is Key, looks at the role of employee security awareness in keeping your organization free of breaches and offers advice on training best practices.

Topics include:

  • What current PCI 3.2 requirements say about awareness training
  • Tips on PCI awareness strategies
  • How to get executive support for training initiatives

Navigating PCI requirements can be tricky, but we’re here to help. Download this guide for actionable insights into establishing a PCI-compliant security awareness program.

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