Should Privacy Pros Get Their Own Month? Sept. Group Therapy for Training and Awareness Managers

Join our Sept. 24 online chat session for training and awareness managers exploring if data privacy deserves a month of recognition on the calendar.

The folks in Information security are about to “celebrate” their biggest month of the year: Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

It’s their chance to do some fun stuff with cybersecurity, to engage people more deeply and bring differing perspectives on their ongoing effort to build a security-aware culture.

Privacy, on the other hand, gets just a day: Data Privacy Day, January 28th each year.

Toward a Privacy Awareness Month?

As privacy moves to the fore in the corporate consciousness (thanks to regulations and the ever-expanding importance of data), is it time to give privacy more space on the calendar?

Or should we stop making distinctions and just incorporate privacy messaging more consciously into security awareness programs?

If you have opinions on this topic, our September Group Therapy Session for Training and Awareness Managers is for you!


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Join our Sept. 24 interactive chat to explore whether it’s time to give privacy pros a month of recognition on the calendar.

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Live Chat Session August 24

In this month’s Group Therapy Session for Training and Awareness Managers, Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast and Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier will lead an open discussion with attendees on:

  • The role of privacy messages in security awareness programs
  • The effectiveness of designated “days” and “months” in building culture
  • Ideas to make privacy more tangible and real to employees

Register for our Sept. 24 live chat at 11 a.m. PT to join in on the conversation. Attendee participation is encouraged!

We hope to see and hear you there!

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