Program Manager Mary Needs Your Help!

Help program manager Mary navigate the perils and pitfalls on developing an awareness program in our interactive PDF adventure.

“Our current security and privacy employee training is not cutting it anymore,” FCN Enterprises CEO James Reynolds tells CIO Charles Yates. “We need something better and soon. Make it happen.”

FCN, a leading provider of retail services, is growing, and quickly. The company’s executives are planning expansion into new markets and the growth of FCN’s workforce from 5,000 to 7,500 within the next year.

With this expansion in the pipeline, a dozen or so PowerPoint training slides on keeping customer data private is soon not going to be enough. But what will be enough?

FCN executives have been clear that they want better training, but have been light on specifics.

The mandate to improve FCN’s cybersecurity and privacy posture in the next six months has fallen in CIO Charles’ lap. He turns to his Program Manager Mary Jonesburg to complete the task, painting the request in the same broad strokes as it was painted for him.

Can You Help Mary?

FCN Enterprises’ employee awareness program needs a major overhaul! Help Program Manager Mary navigate through the potential perils and pitfalls of improving an awareness program in this interactive “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” style PDF.

Start Mary’s Journey

In this 10-minute adventure, you’ll help Mary tackle real world situations such as:

  • Handling executives’ expectations
  • Planning and deploying an awareness program
  • Addressing emerging industry threats

But choose your path wisely! As with real-life awareness planning and development, the road is fraught with pitfalls. One wrong move can lead to wasted time, energy, money, and even a crippling cybersecurity or privacy incident, such as a data breach.

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