SC Magazine Quotes MediaPro’s Steve Conrad In Article on CEOs Taking Cybersecurity Seriously

MediaPro's Steve Conrad chats with SC Magazine about the importance of the c-suite taking cybersecurity seriously.

A company executive should lead by example in any industry, and this is especially true when it comes to cybersecurity.
Unfortunately, many executives don’t make cybersecurity a priority, SC Magazine’s Karen Epper Hoffman writes in a recent article. Preoccupation with essential tasks, traveling, or working remotely can result in poor cyber hygiene, such as accessing corporate files or systems from a personal device or downloading sensitive documents via an untrusted network.
Hoffman quoted Steve Conrad, our founder and managing director, in the article, which discussed what organizations can do to help their leaders stay on track with cybersecurity. CEOs taking cybersecurity seriously has become especially important as cybercriminals continue to exploit poor executive practices and successfully compromise these business leaders.
As Steve Conrad told SC Magazine, “We work with some very large enterprises and it’s rare that there hasn’t been exposure by the top executives.The risks are changing all the time. And the threat actors out there are consciously targeting the CEO. They’re figuring out how to get their attention and hitting executives on purpose.”
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